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All fleeces to be lodged with the Steward by:.11am Friday 26 May 2023

Fleece Wool Judging Commences 1pm Friday 26 May 2023

Arrangements can be made for fleeces exhibited at Longreach show to be brought down to Isisford. 

RULES: Fleeces to be entered with the exhibitor/property name. Studs encouraged to put fleeces on display only. All fleeces entered in the competition must have been grown north of the New South Wales-Queensland Border and be paddock grown, with the exception of Class 6. The donation of the fleeces to the show society would be greatly appreciated or an entry fee of $5 will be charged. All fleeces to be skirted unless otherwise stated

We wish to acknowledge donations of wool in 2021 from:           

Accord, Boree Downs, Greenlaw, Hillalong, Isla Downs, Janet Downs, Kappa Ki, Laidlaw, Notus Downs, Springleigh, Sunburry, Warringah

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