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Wool Section

Prizes Money + Prizes $1735

Wednesday 15th May 2024 - All fleeces to be lodged with the Steward by 11:30am. 

(Late entries will be accepted by contacting the Steward prior to the closing date).

Friday 17th May - Fleece Wool Judging Commences 9:00am

Donations of fleeces to the Isisford Sheep & Wool Show would be greatly appreciated. Arrangements can be made for the Isisford Show’s donated fleeces to be transported to the Longreach Show to be exhibited.


Class 1: Single Ewe or Wether Fleece, Superfine < 17 micron. Micron guide only

Class 2: Single Ewe or Wether Fleece, Fine 17.1-19 micron.

Class 3: Single Ewe or Wether Fleece, Medium 19.1 - 21 micron.

Class 4: Single Ewe or Wether Fleece, Strong >21 micron.

Class 5: Single Ewe or Wether Fleece, Early Shorn <10 months wool growth

Class 6: Single Fleece. Open to all commercial woolgrowers. Sheep may be purchased or bred.

Class 7: Pair of Ewe or Wether Fleeces, Fine.

Class 8: Pair of Ewe or Wether Fleeces, Medium.  

Class 9: Lamb Fleece, any quality showing weaner tip, > 50mm

Class 10: Pets Fleece (To be entered in a child’s name).

Class 11: CHAMPION PAIR OF FLEECES (Classes 7 & 8).


Steward: Mr Doug Taylor
P: 0447 510 710


  • Fleeces to be entered with the exhibitor /property name.

  • Studs encouraged to put fleeces on display only.

  • All fleeces entered in the competition must have been grown north of the New South Wales-Queensland Border and be paddock grown, with the exception of Class 6.

  • All fleeces to be skirted unless otherwise stated.

We wish to acknowledge donations of wool in 2023 from: Boree Downs, Gordonvale, Hazelwood, Janet Downs, Kappa Ki, Laidlaw, Notus Downs, Navarra, Springleigh, Summerset, and Charlie Anderson.

Primary Producers here is your chance to win a Dickson Ag $500 Voucher. 
The winner will be the entrant who has entered the most entries in the Combined primary product’s sections of Flock Ewes, Trade Sheep, Flock & Trade Goats, Wool & Cattle.

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